Vormen in Brief

Vormen is a center of expertise on human rights education, including children’s rights education, based in Antwerp (Belgium).

We are specialized in the training of trainers who (could) include human rights education in their training activities.

Vormen is also involved in first-line education for the various target groups trainers may be working with:

  • from very young children to professionals,
  • in formal and non-formal educational contexts,
  • with a particular focus on people who, on account of belonging to a vulnerable group, run a greater risk of human rights violations.

This bottom-up approach maximizes the relevance of our training of trainers sessions. It also ensures that Vormen continuously keeps learning.

Human rights education works on learners’

  • emancipation (“I” have rights)
  • empathy (“You” have rights)
  • solidarity (“We” can act when rights are at risk).

We believe that human rights education needs to be:

  • participatory,
  • attitudinal-oriented,
  • and based in learners’ own experiences.

Vormen works closely together with a diverse array of partner organizations, both in Belgium and internationally.

You can contact us at mensenrechteneducatie@vormen.org. Welcome!